Clients come to us because they want more out of their paid search and social program; they want consistent volume, revenue and profit growth.To drive organic growth, account managers must “always be selling.” This article will discuss methods PPC account managers in any situation (agency, consultant, in-house) can use to persuade their stakeholders to invest more budget into their PPC accounts.

Method #1:Have a solid strategy
Having a solid strategy is the cornerstone of any PPC program.Without a coherent plan in place, it would be extremely difficult or nearly impossible to convince stakeholders that investing more budget in paid search is a wise idea.Stakeholders want to know why more budget should be invested, how the extra budget is going to be spent and what the expected results are going to be.Working under the guidance of a coherent, larger plan creates both trust and credibility, which is the first step to complete in any sales process.If clients don’t have trust in the plan —or worse, don’t trust that there is a plan — it will not be possible to create the necessary justifications to win any extra budget.

Method #2:Pitching new ideas
Presenting new ideas to clients is critical to winning more budget from them.Why is it important to
always be presenting new ideas?

*PPC is dynamic, and the landscape is changing all the time.A strategy or tactic that’s implemented today could be outdated in a few months, or it could simply stop working.New ideas prevent stagnation and keep your PPC program fresh.

*There are more pay-per-click platforms than ever available for marketers to utilize.Breaking into social advertising platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter opens new possibilities for growth and expansion.

*Expansion leads to new budget over time.For an account to grow, it often needs more budget to properly test new ideas and initiatives.Always strive to bring new ideas to the table.Innovation is the key to account growth, and ultimately, to growing PPC spend.Successfully convincing clients to invest in new initiatives vs.routing budgets from existing ones provides more flexibility to test and iterate, which are key backbones of PPC success.

Method #3:Overcoming objections
In any selling situation, you must be prepared to overcome objections.Despite having a strong strategy in place and regularly presenting innovative new ideas to clients, there will come a time when clients say no.“No” should not treated as the final word but rather the beginning of a rolling dialogue that ultimately leads to winning more budget.Use those nos as an opportunity to strengthen your pitch and develop a stronger case for obtaining more budget.Overcoming objections is all about building credibility.Being fully prepared and confident in the information being presented can help reduce objections and lead you to secure more budget for your PPC initiatives.

Growing PPC accounts is all about selling clients on the notion that your approach is the best way forward and that more budget is required to execute the plan.You need to have a coherent strategy, a steady stream of new ideas and a compelling argument for why they should be implemented to expand your client’s PPC program.


Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy.His expert knowledge on Internet Marketing practices and techniques has earned him the title “Internet Marketing Guru“ He is also an innovator, investor and entrepreneur widely recognized by the top players in the industry.