Google has updated its report of transparency. It was launched in September last year, indicating the number of government requests for information about users and requests for Google to take down or censor the content and interactive graphics display traffic information Traffic to Google from all over the world.

The latest round of data covers the second half of 2010, but they have also updated the design and added more details. “We have shown some significant changes in the data and provided context about why these changes occurred during this reporting period,” says Google Matt Braithwaite. “Also We have made it easier for you to spot trends in the data yourself. For Example, we changed the format so it is easy now to see data country-by-country. We’re also clearly revealing the reasons why we’ve been asked to remove content—such as an allegation of defamation or hate speech.”

“For the first time, we are also showing that the percentage of data requests from users, we met in whole or in part,” says Braithwaite. “This gives a better idea of how we actually handle requests received by the government agencies, such as local and federal agencies to police data about users of our services and products.”

It is very interesting to look at which countries have increased their respective numbers of takedown requests.

Regarding takedown requests from Brazil, Google said, “During the Fall election period in Brazil, the number of court orders issued from electoral courts rose, ordering removal of content related to political campaigns. Additionally, one court ordered withdrawal of above 11,500 photos from Picasa. The lawsuit alleged that the photos contained pictures of pages from copyrighted books.”

Google also says that it saw a significant number of content removal requests from both Croatia and Denmark for the first time.

In the United States, six court orders have resulted in the elimination of 1,110 articles in Google Groups, related to defamation case.

Source: Webpronews

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