Twitter has just announced some new features to help users “extra” with the service. They introduce two new activity-centric features. Features are a couple of tabs: one with your @user name and the other with “Activity”.

The company calls the first “@ Username” tab, and contains retweets mentions, and favorites from other members. The second is called “Activity” tab, and tweets from your contacts show joined. Both of the new tabs are radical in design and function, especially in comparison with the denominator less colorful tabs retweets.

“Now you can see when a favorite or one of your tweets is retweets”. You can also find out what are the tweets of the most interesting and inspiring for the people you follow,” said the announcement of Twitter. Activity tab shows retweets favorite and the consequences of people you follow on Twitter in one place. “It’s easier than ever to explore Twitter, contact with people and find out what is happening in the world,” said Twitter.

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