Today Tumblr made an interesting update to its search function. The report says it will be helpful for people to explore the 65 billion posts. Now, when you try to search something, it shows the results of posts that mention said term, not only that tagged with those terms.

Tumblr allowing multiple tag searches in individual queries it is making it simpler to find more specific posts too. For #amc #aaron paul #bryancranston,  #breakingbad,  to post that include all of those tags to limit your results you are able to  search for  these all.

Tumblr said – “And in an effort to make the explicit content filter more transparent (and less confusing), we’ve moved the option right to the search results page. We’ve also been able to use this smarter filtering to unblock innocuous keywords in our apps that used to be prohibited by app store policies,”


Source: Webpronews


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