In the past couple of years, there has been a sighting of great upheaval in marketing. As a shift begins to take place from traditional marketing to a mix between ways of marketing from the past 20 or so years.

A field of social media having with it a great array of opinions with regard to its use is blogging. One would be tempted to arrange quotes through social media to refer to blogging. Social media, in fact, would be described by a lot today would make a lot of blogs appear as long form journalism in past times.

Such an observation would explain why the University of Massachusetts and Dartmouth shows within the Inc. 500, blogging has gone down in a significant manner in 2011.

Such data would make one afraid for blogging’s future. What it will perform would make you think the factors that could be incorporated in declining blogging. But before one looks and the reasons, you would have to conclude, that because Facebook as well as Twitter appear to be the only social media outlets to blossom it would appear that resources are being directed more at social media anchors compared to other options.

This is a speculative theory: Social networks like Facebook and Twitter could be regarded as a customer service as well as retentive tool through its conversant personification. It would also be more convenient putting together quick blasts of content than composing stuff. For B2B companies, they are to locate genuine information, something which could not be fully grasped by Facebook and Twitter. When people respond, there is a lack of substance in the comeback. Compared to blogging, there is still detail involved.

In addition, blogging takes genuine investment from the reader. One would note from their daily life that blogging may be hard. People actually would have to read a blog post compared to scanning an update on Facebook or Twitter.

In the long run, the trend is expected to reverse itself, notably in B2B space, as individuals would eventually need more information to buy. There’s much more than 140 characters and posts and pages and such. You would need to retain the customer in the long run, and you do that by having a blog to describe in-depth how your product makes a difference in the world.

Source: Webpronews

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