Microsoft is using the fine levied against Google for its Safari privacy gaffe to tempt Safari users to use Bing.

The company has added a ‘Privacy Protection’ page to Bing’s website, and there it reminds anyone that will listen that earlier this year Google was fined $22.5 million by the FTC.

Google was tracking Safari users through what it called a mistake. It was fined a relatively small amount and promised not to do it again.

This was a while ago, but if you are Microsoft and are eager to get people to use your Google alternative, well, things like that don’t matter.

“If you are a Safari user, Google may have recently tracked you even though it promised it would not. Want to do something about it?” reads the splash on the Bing webpage. “Stop searching with Google and start searching with Bing. Better yet, make Bing your homepage and start every search with Bing.”

Clicking on the big, orange “Try Bing” button launches a search about Google, Safari, and the FTC fine.

Source: Searchenginewatch

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