Appearing on reality television can be hazardous. Contestants risk humiliation, heartbreak, and HPV for love and money. But who knew reporting on reality television could be so scary?  These are the words of Reality Steve (Steve Carbone). The interview was not entirely about how to launch a successful blog, but as he also shared his success story with us, there were plenty of nuggets of wisdom that naturally came out of the conversation which help us to become a Successful Blogger.

• Ok to start with small:
Reality Steve started by sending emails to a few friends. The friends liked his work and started forwarding his emails to their friends. Social media has made it even easier to reach even more of your friends’ friends.

• Find an Interesting Subject area:
People have all kinds of interests. Some of them are already well-covered by bloggers, and others there is more leeway, because the web is saturated with bloggers in any particular subject, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring a unique.

• Gratify to a niche audience:

Choose a specific subject to blog about, you’re already catering to a niche audience to some extent. This niche audience is probably already reading the other bloggers who are writing about the same niche.

• Keep up with your niche religiously:
Reality Steve doesn’t blog about every single reality show, but the ones he focuses on, he keeps up with fanatically. That keeps them coming back.

• Emphasize on diligent work:
If you want to be considered such a go-to place, be thorough. In some cases you can’t be thorough in detail, at least be thoroughly entertaining, or informative.

Collect & use trusted resources:
This helps keep us at the forefront of breaking news in this space. Having these sources can also be useful for driving links to your blog from other blogs.

• Create a good track record:
It’s easier to have a good track record of accuracy, when your sources are trustworthy, but sometimes you may get tips that turn out to be busts. Always indicate if there is any doubt to what you’re reporting.

• Use social media:
Use social channels to connect with fans and promote your content.

• Product-related material can interest both readers and companies:
Reality Steve brought up an interesting point about how the networks don’t seem to mind his blogging, because it brings attention to their products.

• Stick with it:
You may start small, but obviously the goal is to become big. This can take time but retain with tha

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