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How to do PPC Research using KeywordSpy

KeywordSpy is the leading keyword research tool on the Internet due to its easy interface and access to the most useful data out there. When using the program to do keyword research, you will find that it gives you all the information you need. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use KeywordSpy to create the most effective PPC ad campaign in your field.

1) Type in the keyword you’re interested in researching. If you sell antique furniture, for instance, type in “antique furniture,” click the “Keyword” button, click your country of origin, and click search.

2) Note the values in the left-hand box. You want to make sure PPC Advertisers is low (because you don’t want too much competition), and both Search Volume and Cost-Per-Click should be reasonably high (but not at the expense of maintaining low competition). Balancing these three statistics is essential to carving out a niche for your SEM campaign online.

3) Check out the Related Keywords” KeywordSpy feature. You can use this keyword tool to narrow your focus or choose a more effective keyword. For instance, if you type in “antique furniture,” you might find that “antique tables” are hotter right now, with better CPC and greater search volume. This can help you put together the most effective PPC advertisement.

4) Scroll down to the Ad Overview KeywordSpy feature. This lets you check out your competitors’ advertisements, which can help you as you put your own SEM campaign together. You can also click the Ads tab up top to check out the ROI for advertisements, to show you which advertisements are most effective. You can copy the effective ones and avoid the mistakes of the ones that don’t show enough return on investment.

5) Click on the tabs up top to look for more detailed descriptions of both Related Keywords and Misspelled Keywords. In addition to valuable information about CPC, search volume, and other advertisers, you can find how many profitable ads each keyword has already spawned. This can help you find both tried-and-true and oversaturated keywords.

6) Repeat the process with other keywords! KeywordSpy is a great keyword tool because you can use it to check the keyword status of the Internet at any given moment. The same keyword now may not be very useful six months down the line, so with our keyword research tool you will get an important edge against your competitors who reuse pay-per-click advertisements from cycle to cycle.

Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO of KeywordSpy. You can find more information about him at PeterZmijewski

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