If you want your website and pages to rank well in Google, never ever create duplicate content for a website it has been told by Webmasters. To the content results, Google automatically filters it out and also can down the site rank though primarily duplicate content.

But on websites some necessary duplicate content like terms and conditions, privacy policies and other necessary legalese that are needed to websites. Now it’s very good news that you do not need to worry about this kind of content.

Matt Cutts [Google's Distinguished Engineer] has tackled this issue like if you are not doing spammy thing like keyword stuffing within the legal verbiage then you just no need to worry about this. He said- “We do understand a lot of different places across the web require various disclaimers, legal information, and terms and conditions, that sort of stuff, so it’s the sort of thing where if we do not to rank that stuff well that would hurt our overall search quality, So I wouldn’t stress out about that.”

From the search index these kinds of pages are duplicated out. Generally people do not wish to index their terms and conditions pages in Google anyway. They just want to have it on their site only so that visitors can access it from a site.


Source: Searchenginewatch


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