Many marketers strive to align themselves with influencers because this kind of engagement has been proven to rapidly expand brand visibility for many businesses.With influencer marketing, a much larger audience is suddenly exposed to your brand, which often results in a significant spike in traffic that can lead to more subscribers,followers, and leads.An even greater benefit of influencer marketing that some folks miss out on is the long-term SEO improvement.

1.Expanding your link profile
As much as Google’s algorithm has changed in order to eliminate junk listings from search results, backlinks are still important when it comes to determining your position in the search results.This is a primary reason why guest posting has gained popularity, as marketers and brands create content topublish on the sites of influencers or influential brands.When you create content with the purpose of generating targeted referral traffic, providing value to an extended audience, and improving your reach, you’re also generating organic and natural links that will enhance your backlink profile in the search engines.

2.Growing site traffic
I mentioned how influencer marketing can generate significant traffic for your site.This traffic typically comes from referral links, but you could see an increase in direct traffic as well.This was confirmed by the Moz study referenced above, in which traffic is the fifth most influential factor on the algorithm.Guest posting is just one way to generate traffic.When you form connections and build relationships with influencers, they will share your content across their social channels, where it will be picked up by your audience.

3.Bringing the content home
A good relationship with an influencer isn’t developed quickly, but it can bring a tremendous amount of value once established.While many of the top influencers tend to be incredibly busy, you may be able to get a guest post on your own site from a mid-level influencer with a growing audience.Not only will you gain the benefit of a traffic boost, but that content could also start generating inbound links.Other people will likely curate that content and link back to it, or quote the influencer in their own posts or to link back to your content to cite facts and statements from the influencer.

4.More visibility with video
Take this as a solid opportunity to work with an influencer to produce more than just blog posts. Diversifying your content not only expands your reach to different audience segments, but it can also give you more of that coveted first page real estate in organic search.A video interview with an influencer, audio from a podcast, or interview segments divided into slides with striking visuals can give you a significant bump in search visibility.While these efforts won’t contribute directly to the search visibility of your site, it’s always a good idea to have other entry points into your funnel, such as videos.When the influencer’s audience searches for content related to that influencer,they’ll find your videos optimized and co-branded, which will ultimately give your own brand a lift among those
new audience segments.

Working with an influencer in the ways I listed above can give you a lift in organic visibility, but you shouldn’t approach influencer marketing as a means of “using” or “leveraging” the influencer.The best results will come from a mutually beneficial relationship where respect is established.


Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy.His expert knowledge on Internet Marketing practices and techniques has earned him the title “Internet Marketing Guru“ He is also an innovator, investor and entrepreneur widely recognized by the top players in the industry.