In AdWords Google announced several upcoming changes to location targeting mainly for international searches. From November 11th it is starting. Advertisers that using the evasion or “location of interest” setting will have authority to show ads to people by including account the location they are finding from over and above the location they are looking for.

Within countries location targeting previously works like, but now it will be will be expanded to international queries functionality.

Nicholas Boos [AdWords product manager] said – “For example, let’s say you own a hotel, and you are currently targeting Paris with the keyword ‘Paris hotels, previously, only people searching on or from France could see your ad. Starting the week of November 11, your ads will be eligible to show to people searching for ‘Paris hotels’ from anywhere in the world — for example, someone who lives in New York City who is booking a vacation in Paris.”

With more customers you are now able to share your message that have uttered interest in your business and bring a better set of results to people who are trying to search with locations in their intent. Advertisers will see like there is no need of action it improves the reach of their ads.

Using advanced location options advertisers are able to narrow their location settings and to prevent ads can exclude locations from being displayed in sure places.

Source: Webpronews

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