Keyword research is not the most glamorous or fun of any SEO campaign, but it is more important. If you will not target the relevant keywords, your site will not rank well for relevant search queries and your audience which is targeted will not be able to find you. Without the right keywords, you are like dead in the water and the rest of your SEO will be wasted. If you try to search keywords for your business without the help of an SEO expert, below are some things to watch.

1. Shooting for the moon – If you have a small business, such as a local store that sells women’s clothing and accessories, you will not going to get rank on first position in the SERP for “women’s blouse.”

2. Irrelevant Keywords for the content - You should choose keywords based on the content for that particular page, not actually what you want to target.

3. Refusing to redo your keyword research - In first try nobody says you have to do 100% right. It should be willing to accept the fact that some of your keywords are not as good as which you actually targeted. So, it is important to keep an eye on your analysis. You must know which keyword generates traffic and which keywords are not.


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