A story we hear too often. Someone hires to bad SEO service, that SEO builds a bunch of spamming links on internet, Whether you will get bad advice, your SEO built these links, or you have got the powers to admit you did it yourself, undoing the damages is not so easy. If you have seriously repentant it, I would like to show you some better ways to recover it & hopefully you will get back on Google’s Nice list, in time for the holidays.

Here are pages that have tipped the balance & there has too many bad back links of course. Even links are your responsibility at SEO (whether you build it or hired someone who did it) if your problem is not too severe & if the penalty is an algorithmic, then a small % of bad links falling off the link graph; it could tip the balance back in your favor.

Some following ideas can become more helping to you to prevent your back links:

• Have to concentrate that, which links do you cut? That doesn’t mean that every spammed link is hurting you.

• Build up more good links to tip the balance back in your favor: I mean relevant, high-authority links.

• Find a new home, if you have really burned your home to the ground and salted the earth around it, you may have to move.

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