AdWords can be overwhelming to marketers and small business owners. It’s often hard for newcomers to understand their performance. Even the PPC connoisseurs needs to take time now and again to step out of the trenches to analyze where they stand on the AdWords battlefront.

This month, we’ve created the AdWords Grader in response to this very need. If you’re looking to improve your PPC performance (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), consider taking advantage this newly released tool from WordStream.

If you’re looking to improve your PPC performance consider taking advantage this newly released tool from WordStream.

The AdWords Performance Grader grades your AdWords account performance by analyzing several key performance indicators such as Quality Score, Account Activity, Click-Through Ratea, and Impression Share. It then compares your results against those of other AdWords advertisers with similar monthly budgets.

I’m not sure about most people, but there is a part of me that misses getting graded in school. It feels great to get a sense of where you stand. And even when it doesn’t feel so hot getting those Cs, at least you are given a new goal to shoot for. The AdWords Grader can be the affirmation or the kick in the pants you need to get in gear.

Better yet, the AdWords Performance Grader does more than simply asses your AdWords performance, it also gives you direct recommendations on how to improve your score and better your campaign.

Advantages of Using the AdWords Performance Grader

We’ve learned that marketers and small business owners are often desperate to know how they stack up against competitors and are always looking for ways to improve their accounts. They need a PPC audit, but those are usually expensive and time-consuming.

That’s why we made the AdWords Grader—it provides the same benefits of a PPC audit, but it’s free, quick, and easy to use. PPC users are loving the grader because it:

• Is easy to use and understand.

• Provides the same kind of account analysis you’d expect from a consultant or agency.

• Offers actionable insights and competitive intelligence.

• It’s free.


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