SEO Ranking factors have always been a cause of concern for the SEO professionals.It’s partly because ranking factors keep on changing with the periodic algorithm updates rolled out by the search engines.So, in order to ward off any confusion, we have identified 9 most important SEO ranking factors for the year 2017.These are given in no particular order, as any of the factors can be critical for SEO ranking.

Content- the king of all factors still reigns supreme and would continue to be so in future.If your campaign is not supported by quality content, you’re at a higher degree of risk compared to your competition.

Similarly, Google adds great value to user-friendliness, such as site navigation, site architecture and absence of low quality content that serves no purpose other than linking out to other pages in the website.

Quality Backlinks
Google still values quality backlinks as important ranking factors.Be it social media or the mainstream media such as news sites such as Forbes, CNN and Newsweek etc., backlinks from reputed websites and popular blogs always add to your credibility.

On-page SEO
Local SEO optimization and page titles are very important ranking factors as they provide more “reference” about your products and services.


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