When you’re looking for a keyword research tool, you need to consider all the features and elements provided by the tool. Does it go above and beyond simply telling you what words you need to include in your content? KeywordSpy does just that, by providing a way to capitalize on online searchers’ penchant to misspell words. While other keyword tool programs only provide the top search terms, we go one step beyond and help you take advantage of little-utilized techniques to deepen your SEM (search engine marketing) strategy.

It’s a little sneaky, and not quite proper English, but when it comes to visitors and making money, you need to take advantage of every opportunity you can get. Like it or not, a good segment of the population will misspell search terms while looking for content that your website can provide. You need to snag those people and transform them into your customers. In order to do that, you need to use a keyword research tool to determine the most common misspellings for popular keywords that lead to your site.

KeywordSpy is the best tool for this purpose. Not only is it a keyword tool in and of itself, meaning that it can provide you with the best keywords for PPC advertising and SEM support, but it also specializes in misspelled keywords. This KeywordSpy feature can prove to be essential in improving your advertising profits.

When you bid on keywords for PPC advertising, you are always walking a thin tightrope. On one hand, you want to choose the most popular search terms, but on the other, the most popular search terms are often the most expensive. Misspelled keywords can provide a good niche focus for an otherwise saturated market. For instance, if you’re trying to get an edge on one of the millions of providers of copywriting services, your “niche” can be “people looking for a copywriter, who misspell the word copywriting in a search engine.” Your words can be things like “copywritign” or “copyriting” or “copryiting,” depending on what our tool determines is the most popular misspelling to get to your website. Simply type in your desired term and the program will spin out a list of potentially moneymaking misspellings of said term.

Obviously, this shouldn’t be the core of your SEM practice. However, every visitor counts, and the expanded profit margin provided by this KeywordSpy feature may prove critical to getting that much-needed edge over your competitors. What are you waiting for? Purchase and try KeywordSpy today.
Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO of KeywordSpy.com. You can find more information about him at PeterZmijewski.com