Google has introduced a new feature to its search results that will be helpful next time you have to look up information about an earthquake in your area. According U.S. Geological Survey, approximately 500,000 earthquakes occur around the world every year, but only 100,000 of them are felt.

Now, when earthquakes are felt, people can get the information they need directly from Google’s search results. Search commands like “earthquake” or “earthquakes near me” will return a summary of information about the earthquake, including its size, as well as a map of the area that has been affected.

Not only will there be a map to show you the size of the affected area, the map will indicate the levels of intensity felt throughout the affected area. With that information you can quickly determine where the epicenter of the earthquake was and how far of a reach it had.

In a further effort to help people stay safe during an earthquake, Google will provide tips on the next steps you should take during possible aftershocks. Google will continue to provide updates throughout the hours and days after the earthquake about the damage caused and whether or not aftershocks can be expected.

Source: Searchenginejournal

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