Google rolled out the new look SERP’s which places much more importance on a business Place Page listing. Google has been playing with these changes for the past July month along with leaders in the local search space. There has been a excellent overview of these new results pages done by Greg Stirling over at Search Engine Land.

I don’t think it’s wicked or even intended but it’s real. It will keep even the mighty Google from making the money and having the impact that it truly could have for the vast majority of businesses in the US. If Google would just talk in plain English and stop thinking that just because some engineers used their logic to explain a process ‘clearly’ that everyone will get it, we will all be better off.

The reality is that most don’t get it because they are business people and not engineers. In fact, most people don’t use Google like Google thinks. I would love to know what their predictions are of how many people will actually find and click on the Places link on the left side of their homepage in order to get more Place Page info.

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