The first download figures from Google, and they are as impressive as you would expect. It is over 10 million downloads App Store in very short time period. Everyone noticed that people were going to rush toward Google Maps when the company finally released their local app for iOS. There have been a lot of disappointed iOS clients since the apple company exposed the Google Map-less iOS 6 and most of them have been with patience patiently waiting impatiently for Google to restore the position.

Google Maps for iPhone is no cost app in the App Shop, a place it has organized since around 7 times after its preliminary launch. It’s currently a 4 and 1/2-star app with over 20,000 opinions or reviews published.

The present iOS 6 customers were quick to leap on the Google maps app, it does not appear that non-iOS 6 customers have changed simply because Google maps is lastly available. In fact, there is been a less than 0.2% increase in iOS 6 usage since Search engines Charts for iPhone hit the App Shop.

Source: Webpronews

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