As we know that on this planet is now a blogger. So there are 3 common mistakes that should be avoided while writing a good blog post.

Everything in one paragraph: It is very important to write your blog post in such an interesting format because writing everything in one paragraph could compel your readers to think about that you are not even able to break your thoughts into discrete pieces. After all first impression is the last impression. Writing blog in perfect formatting could attract them to at least read what you have written.

Focus on what you are writing And How To Write: If you are selling something then there is need to describe your brand in interactive way instead of writing too much about a market barker at a bazaar. There is need to focus that if you  write blog to think of its users as potential source of money, then they will think like that your posts almost certainly are not worth reading.

Telling user your problems is good idea: People used to give more attention to a powerful content and asking for suggestion post, sharing your problems regarding the topic of your post could attach them to become a subscriber to your blog. So be free with reader to share your problem thus they give you feed back and love to read your post.

These tips could help you to give you foundation you need to turn out to be the blogging corresponding of a phishing hit.

Source: Marketingpilgrim

Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy. His expert knowledge on Internet Marketing practices and techniques has earned him the title “Internet Marketing Guru“. He is also an innovator, investor and entrepreneur widely recognized by the top players in the industry.