Google expands its offering for small, local businesses, increasing the points of the city, website pages, and Google offers San Francisco, CA and Charlotte, NC. Google seems to also move out of the free software program.

New City Pages

City Pages were introduced in mid of the June, when the product was deployed in Austin, Texas, Madison, Wisconsin, in Portland, Oregon and San Diego, California.

City Pages has given local site owners a panel that allows access to the presentation of local businesses on Google multiple fronts in the form of dashboard, includes Google Offers and Google Places.

City pages also allows user to find top-rated places, find special deals, like spotlights community, browse upcoming event in the regions, see the most popular sites & filter by options like “vegetarian,” “coffee,” “romantic,” and “laptop-friendly.” Even users who are not aware of the city pages may end up using the tool, as these pages are crawled by Google.

Free Websites, Google Courtesy

Google Places is not only the way that Google wants local businesses to present themselves online. The company launched an initiative to help small business owners get a site in less time & with minimal cost as possible. In starting the program is launched in UK, program since spread to Canada & Australia. Now, in U.S. it seems to be making its way.

Google is now offering free sites with the help of partners, including Intuit. Limited version of the Intuit website builder, allows the creation of three pages is being offered to new webmasters.

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