On Wednesday Google has announce an interesting update for AdSense. It has lunched responsive ad units for AdSense in beta. With the help of these units you can enable publishers for supporting multiple devices with responsive design web pages, these gives them authority to specify the size of the ad that will be served.

In the new ad code Publishers are able to create the unit simply and can also modify the sample CSS media queries.

Nick Radicevic [AdSense product manager]said- “Be sure to specify fixed pixel values when setting the width and height of the ad to be served, Make sure that the specified width and height match one of our supported ad sizes. Please note that link unit sizes aren’t supported at the moment. The new ad code is responsive on initial page load only, Subsequent changes to the ad size, such as a screen orientation change, will not cause a new ad to be displayed. We know that this is an important feature for many of you and we’re currently working to address this.”

Google specified creating the responsive ad units in three steps – Step 1. Generate the ad code, Step 2. Place the ad code on your site and Step 3. Set the size of the responsive ad unit.


Source: Webpronews


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