Uber is Planning to Start an On-Demand Staffing Agency for Businesses

Posted On 13 Feb 2019
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Uber is preparing to launch a new on-demand staffing business ahead of its first initial public offering. Called Uber Works, the new business could show prospective investors that the company can be a strong and lucrative platform for on-demand services.

Uber is banking on the fact that their “on-demand” transportation model was a huge success. The company is also betting that its massive database of contractors can be utilized to serve as temporary staff, like security personnel, waiters, or cooks, for corporate functions and various events.

While Uber Works is targeting people who are not Uber drivers, there’s no denying that the program could also help the company retain its drivers, or “partners,” by providing them with an alternative means of making money.

Some of the ride-hailing company’s drivers are already moonlighting at Uber Eats, the company’s food delivery platform. Aside from the additional income, opting for a staffing job can also break the monotony of driving the whole day.

Sources have reported that the Uber Works project had an initial trial run in Los Angeles before being developed further in Chicago.

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Uber is testing an “on-demand ” service “like agency” in and would offer on-demand for events and corporate functions. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/10/18/ubers-testing-a-new-on-demand-labor-service-like-a-temp-agency.html 

Uber is testing a new ‘on-demand labor’ service, sort of like a temp agency

The new program, called Uber Works, is testing in Chicago and would expand the ride-hailing giant beyond the transportation realm for the first time.


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Uber Works will reportedly operate in the same vein as Freight and Uber Eats. The former connects shippers with the appropriate truckers. The latest “internal start-up” will fall under the office of Rachel Holt, the present head of Uber’s “new modalities” department. Holt’s division is in charge of the company’s multi-modal transportation drive. Aside from ride-sharing, the department is also expanding into scooters and bike sharing.

On-demand staffing is said to be among the numerous initiatives Holt’s division is studying. However, there’s no guarantee that Uber Works or any of these other projects will become the main business line.

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