Why more automation from Google Ads is good for tool makers and PPC careers

Posted On 28 Sep 2018
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Marketers who question their future in an industry dominated by automation need to embrace change, says contributor Frederick Vallaeys. Here’s how one man and his company said “bring it on” and thrived.

We’re now all adjusting to the new interface of Google Ads. Change at what was formerly called AdWords is constant, and some of the biggest adaptations we’ll need to adjust to may still be in store.

Google keeps moving toward a more automated ad system under CEO Sundar Pichai, who says the future of Google is artificial intelligence.

As someone who builds PPC tools for a living, I’ve had to do some soul-searching to figure out if my work is likely to remain relevant in an industry that is seemingly moving toward full automation courtesy of the search engines.

The more I investigate automation features like Smart Shopping campaigns and changes to Google Ads like simplified targeting options for ads on mobile apps, I can’t help but come away encouraged that the work my team and other tool and script creators do will remain very valuable for a while to come.

For the many agencies and consultants who have questions about their future role in an industry dominated by automation, I’ll lay out some of my thoughts about our future prospects here.

Know your customer and you will thrive

One of the cool things about running a SaaS company is that I get to know a lot about my customers and their needs. One of the best lessons I learned when working at Google was that I’d have a good career as long as I stayed close to the customer.

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