Bing Maps adds build and share your itinerary

Posted On 07 Sep 2018
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Now in the US and the UK, you can plan your trips using Bing Maps with predefined itineraries that can be customized.

Bing has announced that within Bing Maps, you can now build and share your itinerary for upcoming vacations or trips. Bing will let you take predesigned itineraries and customize them for your own trip.

For example, if you search on Bing Maps for [4 day New York itinerary], you get the ability to take a prepaid trip plan and rework it for your specific needs. Bing wrote that you can:

  • Add the attractions you want to visit.
  • Remove or re-order attractions to optimize your day.
  • Add or remove days to fit your schedule.
  • Save your itinerary to My Places for future editing.
  • Share your itinerary with friends and family.
  • Take your itinerary on the go — view it on your mobile phone.

Here is a screen shot of this feature:


You can then share these itineraries with friends and families. Here is how Bing shows you the itineraries you created:


It also works on mobile search:


This feature is available today for popular destinations. It’s available only for US and UK users at this time.

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