Facebook Audience Network opens inventory to in-app header bidding

Facebook will now support in-app bidding for publishers who manage their app monetization in-house or through MoPub, Fyber or MAX. Facebook’s Audience Network is joining the world of in-app header bidding. The company announced Wednesday that publishers will be able to include...

Snapchat brings AR Lenses to its self-serve ad tool, launches Sponsored Snappables & builds on its e-commerce efforts

Along with its latest AR ad developments, Snapchat is rolling out goal-based bidding around conversions for e-commerce advertisers. During its earnings call for the first quarter of this year, Snapchat said one of its key priorities was to grow its online sales business. “In...

AP’s New Robot Writers; What Will Google Think?

The Associated Press, AP, announced they will be using algorithms, machines, robots to write their corporate earnings stories for the business news report. Yes, machines will be writing stories and that is often something Google is not a fan of. AP said they are working with...

SEMPO Press Releases

SEMPO today issued two new press releases announcing the availability of new search engine briefings from two leading research firms. CEO of eMarketer Presents Latest Search Engine Research to SEMPO Jupiter Analyst Discusses Search Engine Industry with SEMPO

Facebook to Cut Off Third-Party Data for Targeted Ads

In the midst of the fallout of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook recently announced that it will put an end to its Partner Categories program. The move effectively cuts off third-party access to the social media giant’s data. Facebook utilizes data from third-party...

Google: We’re Working On The Penguin Launch Announcement

We must be close if Google is actively working on their announcement for when Penguin 4.0 goes live. John Mueller of Google said this at the 44:30 mark into yesterday’s hangout on YouTube Live. He said “we are working on an announcement for that there, so like when...

Bing Ads Express Discontinued

Microsoft Bing announced they are shutting down the Bing Ads Express service because their customers need more granular controls when managing search campaigns. The service is being shut down on July 30, 2014 and there seems to be no migration path from those running ads on Bing...