How to improve your website traffic and conversion via Organic Search

The advanced SEO techniques and strategies in 2017 are expected to improve the functionality and quality of a large number of websites

1. Mobile is the future

2. The rise of voice search

3. Make your site super-fast

4. Make your website mobile friendly

5. Constantly produce in-depth high quality content

6. Make a strong presence in social media

7. Link building: Keep quality in mind, not quantity

8. Use long tail keywords in your SEO strategy

9. Switch your website to https

10. User experience is the new SEO

11. Google is the King, but don’t forget Bing and Yahoo

Source: Blogspot

Peter Zmijewski is the founder and CEO at KeywordSpy.His expert knowledge on Internet Marketing practices and techniques has earned him the title “Internet Marketing Guru“ He is also an innovator, investor and entrepreneur widely recognized by the top players in the industry.