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Posted On 24 Jun 2014
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Basic SEO would begin with a few steps, and we have listed them down for you: 1) Analysis of keywords- Analysis would be the initial thing you would need to undertake. Through this method, you go on to create your marketing campaign. Should you be selling bags, for one, you may think that you would like to rank for bags. But also remember that there are billions of other pages that compete for that term. The site’s likelihood appearing on that page would be unlikely, so you would need to be very specific with what you use. In that manner, you could get a high listing in Google or any other search engine. So you would need to use terms like “utility bags”, “sports bags”, etc. For such suggestions, a keyword tool can come in very handy. And a tool such KeywordSpy could give you suggestions in two ways. First is through the Research module, wherein you do a traditional search of a keyword, and look through the Related and Similar results, showing in those respective tabs.

The second and more advanced option would be via KeywordSpy’s Tracking module. Through this method, you enter in a batch of keywords, and once the system scans it for you, along with the domains ranking for the keyword, they also suggested keywords which come from those competing domains that are not in your list which you could use. 2) The following step would on page optimizing- Online optimization would involve placing the keywords in the text in a natural manner. The keywords should come up at least once for each of the paragraphs in the text, while the text would still maintain a solid and coherent thought. As much as possible, you would need to make it appear as natural as you can. The search engines know a stuffer of keywords when they see, and could cause the site to be banned.

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