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Black Hat SEO Techniques We Can Use

Black hat SEO may serve as both a reality and myth that has to be dealt with sooner being SEO practitioners. While we are linked with probably one of the best SEO codes of ethics , black hat SEO is still a sad reality. Such an existence of black hat SEO techniques could be acknowledged for a lot of reasons.

What would be a good thing is the black hat SEO techniques could be utilized on clean, ethical white hat manner too.

Black hat way of thinking declares that SEO is for weak people. It would be a similar dilemma that pervades in sports; when everyone cheats, how is one expected to succeed? This is why reputed and successful SEO experts would not have to utilize it.

To put it succinctly, here would be the 30 black hat techniques one could ethically employ. You need to take note how the positive aspect of each technique is employed. We do not advocate their usage.

a. Hidden text – you need to make new CSS based websites employing JSQuery effects. They would often hide big portions of text in layers so to display them on click or mouse on usability reasons. For instance: CSS pagination.

b. IP delivery – Give the proper localized content to those arriving from a country specific IP address. Give the user a choice.

c. 301 redirects – Make a redirect of the old pages to newer versions of the homepage. When  you go to a new domain, you need to employ them as well.

d. Throw Away Domains – Make exact match micro sites for the short term famous keywords and abandon them when the trend would subsides.

e. Cloaking – You should hide the heavy Flash animations coming from Google, show the text only version that has been optimized for accessibility and finability.

f. Paid links – Donate for charity, software developers etc. A lot of them would display links to those who would donate.

g. Keyword stuffing – Tags plus folksonomy. Keyword stuff however adding several tags or allowing users to do dirty work using the UGC tagging (folsonomy) every major social does that.

h. Automatically generated keyword pages – A couple of search engines create pages using each Google search query and assign the appropriate products to each query. You can perform this as well should you have enough content.

i. Misspellings – Make a definition of the misspelled term and redirect to the correct version.

j. Scrapings – Create mirrors for famous sites. Give them to the respective webmasters. A lot will be glad to pay less.

k. Ad only pages – Make all page ads and show them before users view content like many old media do.

l. Blog spam – Do not spam yourself. You need to get spammed! Install a WordPress blog with no Akismet spam protection. Then make a few posts about Mesothelioma for instance, a profitable keyword. Then after that spammers comment spam or even add posts. Last but not least parse the comments for keyword and the outgoing links. Should they contain the keyword publish them and take out the outgoing links for instance. Both user generated content so to mention.

m. Duplicate content on multiple domains – Give your content under a creative Commons License with attribution.

n. Domain grabbing – You should avail of old authority domains that failed and put them up again instead of selling them.

o. Fake news – You should put in real news on official looking sites for actual events. You may even perform it in print. Works for a lot for all activism related topics.

p. Link farm – Make a legit blog of flagship blogs. A full time pro blogger could manage 3 to 5 high quality blogs by her or himself.

q. New exploits – Locate them and report them, and also blog about them. You could break the story and also acquire all the attention plus links.

r. Brand jacking – Compose a bad review for a brand that has made a disappointment or makes a destruction of the planet or make a set up of a brand x is hideous page and let consumers state their concerns.

s. Rogue bots – Spider websites and allow their webmasters to be aware of the broken links as well as other issues. A couple of people could be thankful enough to link to you.

t. Hidden affiliate links – As a matter of fact, hiding affiliate links would be good for usability and could be more ethical than showing them. Apart from that, unsuspecting Web users will copy the ad to forums, etc that would break the TOS. The only thing you would have to do disclose the affiliate as such.

u. Doorway pages – Effectively doorway pages are also regarded as landing pages. The only stop would be that doorway pages would be worthless crap while the landing pages would be streamlined for sufficing on their own. What would be common for both is that they would be highly optimized for organic search traffic. So in place of making doorway pages a place to be skipped, you should just optimize them as landing pages and make users convert over there.

v. Multiple subdomains- Multiple subdomains for a domain could come about an ethical purpose. You need to keep in mind or, as they make multiple subdomains through UGC. In this manner, they could rank several times for a query. You may offer subdomains to the users at the same time.

w. Twitter automation – There would be nothing wrong for Twitter automation long as you won’t overdo the thing. Making a schedule and repeating the tweets, as well as automatically tweeting RSS feeds from your or other blogs would be perfectly OK long as the Twitter account has real person attending it who would be tweeting manually in that regard. Bot accounts may also be ethical as well in case they would be useful not only for yourself. A bot that collects news regarding Haiti in the earthquake aftermath would be great.

x. Headlines that are deceptive – Tabloids make use of these frequently, black hat SEO also do. These would be ethical use cases for deceptive headlines as well. Satire would be one and humor as well.

y. Google Bowling – one negative thing about Google bowling would be hurting sites not desired. You may do the reverse, wherein reverse Google bowling would require that you push the sites of the competitors you like to make those that dislike disappear below. In this manner, we do that always linking out to the competition, the good person of SEO who then outrank the ugly sites we like less.

z. Invisible links – A lot of free web counters plus statistic tools contain this. Statcounter would be a kind. So when these are embedded on the site, you will utilize invisible links.

aa. Different content usage for search engines compared to users – If are a user of WordPress, you would have the nofollow attribute out to the comment links. In this manner, the search engine would acquire various content compared to the user. He would view and click a link. A search bot would view a no trespass sign in its place. In white hat SEO it would be referred to as PageRank sculpting. A lot social media add ons would perform this through default.

bb. Hacking of sites – while the crackers would hack sites the security experts would give warning to site owners of their vulnerabilities. Both discover same issues.

cc. Hacking sites – While crackers would hack sites, security experts warn site owners that they are vulnerable. Both would see the same issues.

dd. Map spam – In place of faking multiple addresses through the place just to come up on Google Maps and Local, you would just need to make an affiliate network of real life small business owners with shops and offices who, for some money, would be the representatives. You would just need to collect mail from Google plus potential clients.

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