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Google Gets Approval from Citi

Google Gets Approval from Citi

People who are assume to receive large tax refunds may be wise to consider investing money in Google, judging by a new note of Citi. An analyst who represents the company affirms that its future is bright for more than a few ways.

This has been in query in recent weeks and months. A table showing the financial results for the Dow, Nasdaq, and Google last is not too friendly, for example.

So what expert Citi said. Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, which came into possession of the record of Mark Mahaney wrote, “The gist: the stock is cheap, Facebook is not a very big deal, and YouTube, and the local will be huge.”

Mahaney also predicted that YouTube earns him more than 1.1 billion U.S. dollars revenue in 2012, says, “Q1 data shows YouTube videos streaming share has remained at a high 41%. Furthermore, we have a YouTube ad is displayed ‘monitoring analysis that 81% of the top 100 YouTube videos of Ad-hour cash vs 77% in Q4 and 60% a year ago. ”

So, back to the old days can be for Google. After all, for some time, Google’s stock just went up and over, and almost all quarters, which issued a report that the income shock and surprise (in a good way).

Google shares rose 2.75 % today, by the way, which should please existing shareholders and perhaps attract a few more people.

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